6 days to go… tickets available again for the Soccer World Cup

Wheel of Excellence, V&A

So the big ticket shuffle has started again, and tickets that were “currently not available” this morning, at least for the Cape Town matches (France – Uruguay) are available again – if only in Category 1. An overall view shows tickets available across the board (especially in Polokwane and Rustenburg…)

If you’re keen on getting tickets, keep checking back on the Last Minute Sales FIFA World Cup Ticketing site (as long as it’s up… <grin>) [oh, and add as many ™ and ® signs as you feel like – in your head (if you don’t get the joke, don’t worry)].

6 days to go - current availability in Cape Town

Went to pick up our tickets today — if the World Cup runs the way the ticket pickup worked, it’s going to a super-duper experience! Friendly, efficient staff, no queues and quick and effective processing down at the Spearhead Building at the Foreshore, Cape Town!

Here’s hoping! The grand Hyundai Vuvuzela at the Incomplete Highway at the Waterfront is looming over the countdown which shines a big 6 days to go into the night, against a backdrop of the Wheel of Excellence at the V&A Waterfront!

The 36 luxury cabins feature glass floors, air conditioning and LED lighting. The Wheel is equipped with two types of ballast tanks at its base for safety during windy conditions and can accommodate a load capacity of 288 persons per ride (8 people per cabin).

Here’s hoping for no rain next Friday! 🙂