Load Shedding 2019 Lookup Tool - Cape Town

Load Shedding times by stage and area as per current City of Cape Town schedule.

[More info] This tool allows lookup for times and time slots when loadshedding is scheduled for your area. [read on]


Some suburbs overlap areas. #knowyourarea - Find your area here (as JPG) or here (as PDF).
Stage is autoselected when loadshedding active

The new schedule, effective 1 Feb 2015, is in use.

If you are are billed or supplied by Eskom directly, please have a look at their loadshedding schedule online here. If you are a Johannesburg City Power customer, your schedule is here.

New selection

Current Shedding

Currently, loadshedding is suspended (until further notice). E&OE

Subject to change without notice. This is based on the new City of Cape Town schedule for load shedding, effective 1 Feb 2015 as found at capetown.gov.za.
No validity or accuracy is claimed, but information corresponds to schedule.
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