Ticket sales improving? 15:53 SAST vs 18:24 SAST Cape Town FIFA Ticket availability

Seems like tickets are flying… check the usage at 15:53 SAST on 5 June below.

Cape Town FIFA Ticket Sales at 15:53 SAST, 5 June 2010

Now compare this with the availability at 18:24 SAST today same time (ie 2hr 31 min later), below.

Cape Town FIFA Ticket Sales at 18:24 SAST, 5 June 2010

Seems like tickets are near to the “sold-out” definition – but let’s wait for the re-shuffle to proceed…

TimesLive reports that 58 000 tickets will be made available on Monday (remember my previous comment regarding the 90 000 tickets vs the higher number of tickets released?):

The “Premier Tickets” have been made available from unused hospitality packages.

“Partially Obstructed View Tickets”:

– about 15,000 tickets

– sold at the price of a category 4 ticket for the match concerned

– all of them located close to the pitch

“Premier Tickets”

– 38,000 tickets

– prices will range from R1,400 (USD 200) to R 2,100 (USD 300).

– include Lounge seats and complimentary beverages (but no catering nor parking is included).