About Sven Welzel

Sven Welzel consults on matters of Information and Communication Technology and Strategy in Cape Town, South Africa. I work independently through my consultancy, synch.cc

My interests include Open Source Software, System and Network Security.

This is my blog (blog.sven.co.za, www.svenwelzel.co.za and www.svenwelzel.com) – the blog of Sven Welzel (but you knew that already!)

On this site, I like to post code-snippets and goodies that help in every-day system administration. In addition, there are some commentary goodies, and snippets about business and economics.

I’m married to Jennifer, my gorgeous wife, who works at Bubbles and Butterflies, Jen’s wedding consultancy and hire company in Cape Town, South Africa.

Ab und zu gibt’s auch was auf Deutsch. Je nach Bedarf werde ich die system-administrativen Infos auf Deutsch hier aufzeichnen.