Security Summit 2010

So, it’s that time of the year again – Security Summit 2010 in Sandton, Johannesburg. Items on the agenda include:

  • The business of security – Threat horizon 2010 and beyond, legislation (PPI), risk, compliance, standards (PCI), security metrics, social networking, web application security, web services, web 2.0 and more.
  • Technical/operational security – Top 10 hacks, botnets, trojans, smartphone security, cloud computing, virtualisation, SaaS, practical return-oriented programming techniques, web application server attacks, defeating SSL, exploiting Microsoft DEP and more.

In addition, there should be

  • Web Application Hacking & Software Development Lifecycle and
  • a Threat Modelling Workshop

I’ll be posting updates and commentrary here and elsewhere at as the proceedings unfold, with comments and commentary as required or warranted.

Let’s hope it is a worthwhile experience filled with insight and presentations that are not just vendor-speak…