SEACOM link was down again, stable now

“SEACOM’s backhaul service provider link is down from Mtunzini to Johannesburg due to an unusual failure on both primary and secondary routes due to circumstances beyond our control. SEACOM is in the process of reprovisioning customers onto a tertiary route.” is what SEACOM announced today. Some ISPs confirmed that SEACOM connectivity was restored at around 15:24 SAST, though links were only stable around 16:20 SAST.

“SEACOM recently announced that it is on track to finalize its own link through the Red Sea and over Egypt by the end of June 2010.”, according to

New month, new outages… It stated with specific ports that had no access before all connections crashed.

Sigh… It’s all stable and connected again, though those hours of non-connectivity were – unnecessary…