Google will shut down Chinese

Google is going to shut down with a likelyhood some webhosts give as their uptime guarantee. With a reported 99.9% certainty, is going to power down, not due to business, but, as Eric Schmidt, Google CEO says, about the cencorship rules. Not, quite clearly then, as a reaction to Operation Aurora

Li Yizhong, the Chinese minister for industry and information technology, said on Mar 12, 2010 that if Google were to take steps violating Chinese laws, “that would be unfriendly, that would be irresponsible, and they would have to bear the consequences.”

Mr Li encouraged Google to continue its operations in the country. “[Google] has taken 30 per cent of the Chinese search market.

“If you don’t leave, China will welcome that, if you don’t leave, it will be beneficial for the development of the internet in China.”

Do no evil” vs business opportunity. Let’s see who wins…