Google’s Do No evil mantra

When last did you access It returns a serialized array — with a weird space-holder — instead of “Do no evil” (which implies that you can be evil, think evil, plan evil, but not execute it), they’ve upped it a notch — all the way to “don’t be evil'” (note the trailing apostrophe).

This of course changes the mantra — you can do evil, think evil, plan evil and execute it, but just hug a bunny and buy milk on the way home in your green car (so don’t be evil). Strange deviation. Also, the apostrophe implies omission (or ownership, with bad grammar). So did they mean don’t be evilk (whatever that may mean) — you go through the alphabet and figure that one out.

Happy thoughts! 🙂

throw 1; < don't be evil' >{m:[{i:1,st:"c=ig&e=APu7icpPle4eIsUPx/8S%2BVe24JQkS/cBvDBsJhSnfdcogQ1nIoym4glNnR1WvsfaswewrREVMvHzqhekfe75PLUAm7A4%2BOlsToBUzAVE4axMYP2Q%2BGGHAMUnq61oFTnlsEU%2BiqWrfH8"}]}