Kindle International Version now with Screen Rotation

As you probably know already, a quiet version upgrade of the Kindle 2 has resulted in new functionality for the aA key – Screen Rotation is now an option, through a full 360°!

And web browsing on Wikipedia and Amazon work (though a Wikipedia page on Bumble Bees draws 158kB – which is the size of a smallish book..?)

Amazing what switching on your wireless now and then allows you to find out! And, what’s more, there’s now native PDF support! New firmware here or by Whispernet delivery 🙂 In addition, longer battery life with Wireless on (1 week) and off (2 weeks!)

Beware: The update can take ages… the Screen might say “Your kindle is starting up. This can take a minute.” The Kindle will be completely unresponsive — after a few hours, it’s back in action and happy. That’s the Kindle 2 International Wireless Edition. YMMV…