MTN Business Data lines crash – down again

Last time, generator maintenance in Johannesburg took everything offline.

There was just notification with the subject line “unknown” (referring to the categorisation of the issue) at 14h22:

SYMPTOMS EXPERIENCED: Intermittent Degradation in Service
SEVERITY: Critical
STATUS: Attending
ADDITIONAL: Please note that we are currently experiencing packet loss and
browsing issues to some national and international sites. MTN Business
engineers are busy investigating the root cause. MTN Business would like
to apologize for the inconvenience caused.

The MTN Business systems all seem to be affected, the datacentre backend databases are not responding and timing out, and Hetzner seems to be hit, as well. Again.

Sigh. No further information has as yet been forthcoming, so we can only wait and see for now…

At least it’s not SEACOM this time – all international browsing seems fine for now, at 8Mbps…

Update: Intermittent packet loss between Cape Town and Midrand still seems to be an issue, but things seem to have been recovered – around 45min later. I guess you can’t make an omlette without breaking eggs 🙂