SEACOM down again – cable break in Kenya

Afrihost, as well as a range of other resellers of SEACOM bandwidth, again had to post notifications today of network downtime:

We are experiencing an intermittent International ADSL connectivity problem. Our upstream service providers’ engineers are investigating the cause of the problem. We will post more details here shortly once we have more information.

Services such as Instant Messenger and websites hosted overseas(google,facebook) have been affected.

From my datacentres’ notification reports, I can say that this is related to a failure on the SEACOM link in Kenya; as Afrihost’s only redundancy would be their hosting infrastructure, which their proxy is running on, they’re pointing users to as the proxy solution for now.

Data centres are using other redundancy links through London and DC  on a very congested local network with now high latency…

Fortunately local speeds have not be affected.

One should think so… Another break in the pipeline. With the World Cup running, all planned local circuit work has been put on hold, affecting 10Mbps roll-out and backend upgrades…

Hope the cable break (coming hot on the heals of another in Uganda) is fixed soon!!

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