and updates on server recovery

They’ve been working hard! Well done!! 🙂

Function Status Comments
CAPTCHA whois Not affected
Port 43 whois Not affected whois://
Primary Database Not affected
Name Servers Not affected CO.ZA zone integrity unaffected
Incoming and Outgoing email Not affected Applications queuing on incoming mail server
RT Ticket system Not affected
Network Partially affected – Fixed Redundant link restored
Main web site Affected – Fixed
Web whois Affected – Fixed
Registration Engine (Updates, New, Deletions) Proceeeding Normally Backlog processed – transactions being processed in real time

Currently processing queued applications

Final data sync, Final testing ETA afternoon of 8th

New machine commissioned, OS Installed Restoring historic data

Payment Processing processing backlog Commencing on the 9th – ETA of backlog completion 11th

Processing of Suspension/Deletions suspended until complete

Online VISA/Mastercard payments In progress ETA 9th

Processing of Suspension/Deletions suspended until complete