jQuery UI new 1.8 FINAL release imminent

So twelve days after jQuery UI 1.8RC3 was released, which followed the release of the previous release candidate – 1.8RC2 after less than 2 weeks, the release of the final jQuery UI 1.8 is only a few days (moments?) away – seeing that 1.8RC3 is the final version before final release. In itself, the UI RC3 release has a huge set of fixes built into it already (listed below, as presented on the release notes) so the rest from here on in will be final testing and tweaking. It’s over at http://jqueryui.com/



  • Fixed: newContent/oldContent parameters are incorrect in change callback (4469)


  • Fixed: Error when using bgiframe plugin (5196)
  • Fixed: Blur causes last active menu item to be selected (5205)
  • Fixed: Class needed on input element (5198)
  • Fixed: Broken demos (5126)
  • Fixed: Autocomplete in Dialog is posiitoned incorrectly in 1.8 RC2 (5217)


  • Fixed: .buttonset() prevents change event (5196)


  • Fixed: Date picker stays open when the field isn’t focused (5179)


  • Fixed: Modal dialogs leak memory in IE (5185)
  • Fixed: window.location.reload() doesn’t work in dialog’s close callback when it’s triggered by ESC in Firefox (4922)
  • Fixed: No scrollbars in IE quirksmode (4350)
  • Fixed: Buttons disappear after dragging dialog (5221)


  • Fixed: Ajax tabs stop functioning on ajax error (4451)



  • Fixed: Stack option can throw error (5191)


  • Fixed: Over event triggered too frequently (5111)


  • Fixed: Toggle speed issue (5192)


  • Fixed: ThemeRoller bookmarklet tries to load an invalid URL (5098)
  • Fixed: Wrong jQuery version in demos (5147)
  • Fixed: Download builder/ThemeRoller is broken (5157, 5115, 5223, 5224, 5225, 5226, 5234, 5235)
  • Updated: Cookie plugin updated to latest version (5227)
  • Updated: Qunit updated to latest version (5230)
  • Fixed: Autocomplete shows behind slider handles on download builder (5238)
  • Fixed: Theme switcher doesn’t work on demos (5144)
  • Fixed: Demos reference missing bgiframe file (5169)


But you knew that already!