Images of Ngorogoro Crater, Serengeti, the Great Rift Valley

So images of the second phase of the Tanzania trip are up at – featuring images of the Ngorogoro Crater, the Great Rift Valley (of Leakey fame – “Louis and his wife Mary held firm to this belief through decades of exploring sites in Tanzania and Kenya, and in 1959 their faith was vindicated when they uncovered the first of many hominid fossils at Olduvai Gorge.“) andthe Serengeti are now live.

Oh, and by the way – it should be oldupai, not olduvai – the plant also known as “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue” – it was a transcription error from KiMasai to German in the early 1900s by a scholar of lepidopterology that caused the long confusion and error… – but the error has stuck. “The name Olduvai, in Kimasai, means ‘place of sansevieria’, after an agave with long sharp pointed leaves and a bitter taste, better known as mother-in-law’s tongue.” as they say on