Kindle format “cracked open”

So the Kindle format conversion from .azw to OTHER format was already something out there in Python some time ago, now it’s hit the news again.

828 lines of Python (posted 16hrs ago) thwarte the Kindle’s proprietary format (allegedly) to switch to the .mobi format. Seems that the new approach does not require the Kindle’s unique ID (unique decoding and encoding keys are used when creating .azw’s for DRM purposes) (as it rips it from the application). However, the code published on also has a full dependence on and actually runs that to decrypt the azw — ahm…

Ja… all this has been done before – why is this news now? Oh – slow news day, I guess… on the other hand, it focusses on the use of Kindle for PC as your interface…

In the new code, the Topaz file still seems to be the holy grail, so there’s not much new here:

raise UnswindleError("cannot decrypt Topaz format book")

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