MTN Business goes down

So MTN Business’s Datacentre is down (was Verizon Business, was UUNET). JNB issue, but whole network affected. Should sites not resolve, that’s most likely the problem. No indication of source of issue (Telkom ATM link? faulty Cisco router reload?)

We await with baited breath… Meanwhile, and FNB, as well as and Standard Bank, to name a few, are down…

The MTN Business sites are all non-responsive – all DNS not returning IPs, either… “Server not Found” issue…



It’s a doozy:

  • returned (SERVFAIL)
  • returned (NORECORDS)
  • returned (SERVFAIL)
  • returned (NORECORDS)
  • returned (NORECORDS)
  • returned (NORECORDS)
  • returned (SERVFAIL)
  • returned (SERVFAIL)

Update: Indeed, can confirm that there was a power failure in Johannesburg (JNB) (co-incidentally at the same time as the comment below). Alledgedly just been restored and network is being brought back online/troubleshot… They’re also investingating why the network in Cape Town (CPT) went down on a JNB issue…

Affects the entire network in South Africa, so browsing is going to be helluva slow…

Update: 16h30 — MTN Business Customer Centre is online again, guess they’re bringing things up step by step… But sites like are still down…

Update: Allegedly, they were going to replace and update the Durban UPS setup today (and Cape Town, too), finishing at 13h00 (15h00), which is not to have caused the issue — no notices or information yet; there was not even a notification mail triggered (via any network).

Update: 16h41 —’s back, as is

Total down time on network: 1hr 10min – all systems and mail and DNS responding correctly from the Farm. Some server up north don’t seem so lucky – looks like they’re being physically restarted!?

Sigh. Let’s see what the “explanation” is.

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  1. Louis Mandelstam says:

    There are rumors of yet another power, UPS and generator failure. If so, blame is probably with MTN Business.

    I wouldn’t be spreading rumors like this if I could get a hold of someone there for information, or if this wouldn’t be the third time in what, a year(?) and we never got a formal explanation last time…

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