Zombie postings with Captcha automation

Just got another comment posting request relating to a version 5.0 release of automated forum/blog spamming software which is guaranteed to get your customers ‘closer to your products’ by improving product and site visibility. It can also do in-forum PMs ‘for a more personal touch’ — ie violate any terms and conditions of a user environment to spam the web for cheap cross-links (at $540 for the app — including automatic Captcha recognition).Although the software authors claim to be completely against spam (perhaps it’s a language thing and the meaning of spam is not clear?), randomised mail addresses (in my case @gmail.com) [would Google Wave have the same issue in the Wiki environment – not likely based on their presentation…] are used from randomised names with reverse-IP obfuscation. Perhaps they know best – they are SEO experts, after all, as they claim…

I guess it takes all sorts. But you knew that already.

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