Shrinking LDF files (SQL Server 2000 etc)

Some really nifty tips on huuuuuge LDF files I encountered (56G a pop) and came down to 212MB as a result of this process:

In SQL Server 2000 Query Analyzer run the following command (doesn’t matter what db you are in):
backup log [database name] with truncate_only
(don’t include the square brackets)

Open Enterprise Manager and navigate to your database:
–Right click on the database
–Highlight ‘All Tasks’
–Choose ‘Shrink Database…’
–On the bottom of the window on the right, click the ‘Files’ button
–In the drop down at the top make sure you choose the ‘_Log’ option. By default it is the ‘_Data’ option
–Leave the shrink action as: ‘Compress……’
–Click ‘OK’

More verbose information at these links (though just expounding on the above snippet)…: