Load Shedding 2024 Lookup Tool - Cape Town

Load Shedding times by stage and area as per current City of Cape Town schedule.

[More info] This tool allows lookup for times and time slots when loadshedding is scheduled for your area. [read on]


Some suburbs overlap areas. #knowyourarea - Find your area here (as JPG) or here (as PDF).
Stage is autoselected when loadshedding active

The new schedule 2019/20/21 (stage 1 to stage 8) is in use.

If you are are billed or supplied by Eskom directly, please have a look at their loadshedding schedule online here. If you are a Johannesburg City Power customer, your schedule is here.

New selection

Current Shedding

    Subject to change without notice. This is based on the new City of Cape Town schedule for load shedding, stage 1 - stage 8 as found at capetown.gov.za.
    No validity or accuracy is claimed, but information corresponds to schedule.
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