[UPDATE] (no) News on SEACOM down due to router off Mombasa

So the site’s back, but there’s no news. No news is good news?

Please note that our News module is currently unavailable, due to a security patch implemented by Hosting – we are working on the problem and the news will be back ASAP.

Media Contact / Spokesperson:
Frederic Cornet
Public Affairs, Communications and Media Relations for SEACOM
+ 27 83 307 8286 (mobile)
+ 27 11 447 3030 (office)
+ 27 11 447 6910 (fax)

The above is from http://www.seacom.mu/news/news.asp. With all that in mind, there’s a very heavy load on the STM4 links available mean that current bandwidth left over in South Africa is heavily congested between Cape Town, Johannesburg and Amsterdam…