VMWare console and Firefox 3.6.6 – Workaround

VMWare Plug-in Error - Cannot access virtual machine console

VMWare Plug-in Error - Cannot access virtual machine console

As the VMWare plugin does not work with Mozilla‘s Firefox 3.6.6 – and as it cannot launch a virtual machine console – you’ll have to use a workaround. This post results from the error I kept receiving:

Cannot access virtual machine console. The request timed out.

The paths are applicable to your OS and version – the below is for Vista 64-bit. You can add a direct link to the VMConsole on your desktop (much easier, actually).What you need:

  1. Your host name and port (typically the name of your machine in “My Computer”, and port is usually 8333 — they are the same details as those you see when you call up the web interface in the first place via Tomcat.
  2. The machine number — you can see this in the URL generated when you activate your machine in the web panel.
    • /ui/#{e:”VirtualMachine|80“,w:{t:true,i:1}} — the machine ID is 80 (may be 16, may be 798 – depends on how many machine you have set up, and how those IDs have been assigned.

Add a new shortcode on the desktop (browse to the file first, it’s easier that way.

C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\r4nd0m.default\extensions\VMwareVMRC@vmware.com\plugins\vmware-vmrc.exe" -h hostname:8333 -M machineID

on XP, it may be similar to the below:

C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\r4nd0m.default\extensions\VMwareVMRC@vmware.com\plugins\vmware-vmrc.exe" -h hostname:8333 -M machineID

You will be prompted for the username as  password to the machine – which are the same as those for the web interface and you have a direct link to the machine.

Hope that helps!