Clamav errors on upgrade to 0.96 clamd and clamav-milter

Some updates to the yum-sent clamav-milter.conf and (to a lesser extent) clamd.conf may be necessary.

After an automatic yum-update of the clamd family on RHEL, there’s a disparity in the way clamav-milter listens and clamd services the socket or port connection — clamav-milter doesn’t know what to go with (local socket on unix:/tmp/clamav.socket or tcp: – so you need to tell it. Otherwise, you get messages such as the below in you clamav-milter.log:

clamav-milter[5149]: No clamd server appears to be available
ERROR: Failed to initiate streaming/fdpassing

So make sure the ClamdSocket in clamav-milter.conf points to the LocalSocket that clamd.conf says it’s broadcasting on. So if clamd.conf is

LocalSocket /tmp/clamd.socket

clamav-milter.conf should have

ClamdSocket unix:/tmp/clamd.socket

Else, if you’re on LocalSocket on on the default port, just set ClamdSocket as below:

ClamdSocket tcp:

Also, be sure to do an sa-update

Simple, eh? But you knew that already! 🙂

5 comments on «Clamav errors on upgrade to 0.96 clamd and clamav-milter»

  1. Sven Welzel says:

    You may also want to update the X-Virus-Scanned notification in clamav-milter.conf – which seems to be switched off – go a quick grep and switch it back on (not Add, just in case)…

  2. Sven Welzel says:

    BTW – this is as applicable to 0.95.1 and 0.95.2 as it is to 0.96…

  3. Sergio Sam says:

    Gracias amigo !!!

  4. solo says:

    Fantastic!. Thanks.

  5. Ole Hoppe says:

    Thanks, Sven, that solved the problem!

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