Tether the iPad to the iPhone

I think I’ve already shared my thoughts on the iPad — the device that will have to create its own market gap, and then fill it, and then prove that it was perfect to fill that market gap.

Now, the idea of using the “tether” function as added towards the middle of 2009 (though not supported well by networks – due to data volumes?) was touted for use with the non-3G enabled iPad (unless you pay your $140 odd for mobile access) where Bluetooth- or USB-based links to a network are suppored. And, of course, for the hoards of people that followed the Apple storm, the iPhone is the logical next step there, in a world of integration and seamless interconnectivity.

But will the iPad support the tethering to the iPhone? Steve Jobs replied quite quickly and succinctly:


Sent from my iPhone

Short, sweet, and at least using his own devices.

Users will still find a way to link up via MiFi or WiFi — without the official support from Apple – until they reflash the firmware and it becomes a battle of loopholes…

But you knew that already.

3 comments on «Tether the iPad to the iPhone»

  1. Craig says:

    Saw this up on slashdot, and am at this point assuming it to be true, but it is a strange stance to take, particularly as like you said, somehow the iPad needs to make itself useful. There’s too many good competitors that does what it does better than what it does.

    But perhaps Jobs just didn’t feel like answering someone who kept bugging him directly?

  2. Sven Welzel says:

    Based on its prevelance (PCWorld, The Register, AppleInsider and of course, the source itself — slashat.se), it seems to be accurate. Perhaps they should have rather asked the PR people! 🙂

  3. Craig says:

    Would definitely have been a more succinct, vague answer then! 🙂

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