jQuery 1.4 improvements

Over at jQuery14 the full list of progress, changes and improvements, notably (amongst other things) in the .css and .attr methods, as well as new AJAXian improvements. Also, event multi-binding is now (finally) available!

For a while now, you’ve been able to pass a function into .attr() and the return value of that function is set into the appropriate attribute. This functionalilty has now been extended into all setter methods: .css(), .attr(), .val(), .html(), .text(), .append(), .prepend(), .before(), .after(), .replaceWith(), .wrap(), .wrapInner(), .offset(), .addClass(), .removeClass(), and .toggleClass().

Addtionally, for the following options, the current value of the item is passed into the function as the second argument: .css(), .attr(), .val(), .html(), .text(), .append(), .prepend(), .offset(), .addClass(), .removeClass(), and .toggleClass().

This enables code like:

// find all ampersands in A's and wrap with a span
  return html.replace(/&amp;/gi,'<span>&amp;</span>');

// Add some information to the title of the anchors
$('a[target]').attr("title", function(i,title){
  return title + " (Opens in External Window)";

Watch out for backward compatibility in some cases, and possible unexpected turns…