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End of life for Ubuntu versions


In the story relating to release upgrades for Ubuntu, below the end-of-life table for the Ubutu Releases from the Ubuntu Wiki – just to have it all in one place; I’m only including the LTS (long-term support) editions, as these should be the only ones deployed on live production systems. In the meantime, Maverick Meerkat is due in October 2010, supported for 2 years. (more…)

Upgrade your Ubuntu Distro from the Command Line – Server or Desktop


What release / version are you running?

cat /etc/lsb-release


cat /etc/issue

But you knew that already — to upgrade the version of the Ubuntu installation you have is quite simple – just storing it so that I have it somewhere :) (more…)

Testing POP3 and IMAP servers from the command line in CMD or bash


It’s quite simple, really: POP3 (Exchange, dovecot etc) you know, IMAP (Exchange, dovecot, courier etc) you know — so this is just a recap, right? You know how to telnet into the machine — in Vista or Windows 7, you may need to install it separately using “Add/Remove Programs”, or just use Putty in Telnet mode…  otherwise, apt-get install telnet if it’s not on your machine (or yum install telnet)


telnet SERVER 110 (more…)