The Mobile Phone and Social Interaction [an advertisement]

As one of the elements of modern society, family life and meeting etiquette, the mobile phone has become that always-on irritating device that, like the traditional land-line telephone, often times gets priority over even human contact (staff interaction in a shop comes to mind – when the phone rings, the telephonic customer more often than not gets precedence). Human contact is abstracted into a centrally stored information hub that you become a part of. Not by choice to join. But by the choice not to be left out of the social shift towards the ‘social connectiveness’.

One thing that can be said about Microsoft is that their advertising engine works. Well. Apple has style and design, Microsoft has the marketing (budget and execution). An in this case, Microsoft has done really well with positioning their ad to speak to this. Aside from Windows Mobile 7’s woes and challenges, the ad is really fun and a cutting satire of so much of what we see today. Enjoy!