And it’s time for 2.9!

As also noted on the blog, it’s time to upgrade (if you haven’t already) to version 2.9 of WordPress. There are a huge whack of benefits and improvements (over 500 bugfixes), like the online image editor and easier video embedding that’s included now.

Well done, guys!!

When doing the upgrade, just make sure all the /pomo/ files and wp-settings are updated appropriately…

5 comments on «And it’s time for 2.9!»

  1. Craig says:

    You might want to adjust the timeout in the WordPress cron job handler though:

    Nasty ‘missed schedule’ bug that they somehow missed 🙁

  2. admin says:

    Alas, I always post JIT but well done on picking it up! You submitted back to trac? Or even just kvetch it? Else post it at 🙂

  3. admin says:

    Here’s fun – my comment was just flagged as spam by my system… Time for hols, methinks…

  4. admin says:

    And another one:
    _wp_get_user_contactmethods() in …/wp-admin/includes/user.php on line 368 – will do some troubleshooting…

  5. Sven Welzel says:

    Note to self – copy *all* files, not just by DATE < NEWDATE - registration.php needed to get a refresh...

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