MTN Business goes down – Network Outage over

Seems as though systems are being restarted / links restored, 1hr 10 min later… Whole of South Africa was affected by the network outage.

Running commentary here.

To quote the WebAfrica forum “Is this “network issue” anything to do with the power failure (and generator backup failure) that occurred at MTN moments ago bringing down the entire Hetzner hosting facilities?” is still struggling to come back online, and has been taken offline again…

Update:  “According to MTN Business’ Edwin Thompson an Eskom power failure at 14:30 meant that the data centre relied on generator power this afternoon.  Unfortunately the main generator ‘blew itself up’ which impacted the electricity infrastructure at the facility.  While the power and generator system for the facility is fully redundant, Thompson explained that this it is not really possible to prepare for these types of unexpected events.

“The Gallo Manor data centre is a key hosting facility in South Africa with numerous large clients like iBurst and Hetzner.  The downtime therefore does not only affect websites like MyBroadband, but also hosted services like authentication & billing for iBurst and hosted PBX solutions.” – is back up…

MTN confirmed that it is experiencing network problems.  “MTN is experiencing network problems in Pretoria and surrounding areas, which are impacting on all services. We are currently investigating the matter and we will shortly confirm how soon the problem is expected to be resolved,” said Sameer Dave CTO of MTN SA.