Wine and MSI files (but you knew that already)

So you’ve downloaded UltraEdit v14, arguably one of the best text-editing and code-editing environments in the Windows World (ok, so no IDE, but for that you’d use a Zend Studio offering), and you want to run it in Wine. Now, assuming you’re running Wine 1.0 (ideally 1.1.0 or later), this is not a problem on Ubuntu. Just the cursor keeps jumping… The (or other language suffix) file contains the installer msi. How to run on Ubuntu? Quite a quick and simple process, just one line:

wine msiexec /i ue_english.msi

Hey presto, you’re done! Just follow the prompts. There will be one or two errors (downloading and installing UltraCompare – a practical, visual answer to diff throws some…) but it becomes sortof useable. Until UltraEdit for Linux (as per the forums) is released… Can’t wait!!

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