ex-Lightedge vs Ends-On (but you knew that already)…

Interestingly, the top search result that pops up on the “Do No Evil” Search is ends-on.co.za (not the stories relating to the Valentine’s Day demise of Lightedge Technology). Go figure. The old lightedge.co.za domain is pointing to the same server as ends-on (at SA Domain) and doing a re-direct.

Hm. lightedge.co.za – paid on 2 June 2008 (still registered to Lightedge / Bobby Richter as Tech Contact at the time through UUNet / Verizon) and changed only on 24 June 2008 to repoint to the ends-on setup. Ends-on, for its own part was only registered on 2 March (to gapsoft@ our favourite telecoms provider’s network) and then updated two months later. Thus nabbing the google position.

Ends-On has lynnm (Lynn Munch’s ?) and grantp (Grant Poulton’s ?) details as primary contacts, and is privately registered in Grant’s name at the domain registry.

Even though there’s not much on the site (and the mailers have been going out), be sure to see some familiar product offerings on the site once the product listing gets updated… Then, too, can we see pricelists etc.

The 2006-registered company (shell, I guess, then renamed?) company has a  Micro-Enterprise Exemption giving it a BBBEE Level 4 Contributer and 100% Recognition score until May 2009 (which was issued as a Microsoft Word file!?)

Nothing wrong with that, free trade… But you knew that already…